Friends, I invite you to listen to my Music on YouTube. 

I've been composing my own music and performed them myself. among them there is a series of miniatures called

"A Mirror In Me" about which I am very excited to present to you : ) I wish these music will be heard much and loved much.  





as we are in a very unusual time, I invite you to meet me on social media: #I Sense Heaven. 

I am working on some projects and I'll be posting new videos etc. as i get them done one by one. AS my works are creative ones which only can be developed, I cannot tell how often I could post them to present to you, so I ask you for your understanding.   

Thank you for your support and best wishes to you all. 

23. Okt. 2019, 19.30h 

in der Krypta der St. Peters Kirche 


Mit Musik von Debussy, Lajos, Rachmaninoff,

Berio, Gubaidulina, Ravel, Liszt

9. Apr. 2019, 19.30Uhr

in der Krypta der St. Peters Kirche 

Petersplatz 1, 1010 Wien

"Beethovens Musik-dramaturgie über

die Geburt, die Passion und die Auferstehung Christi"

Mit Musik von Beethoven (und die Entschlüsselung seiner Musik-Dramaturgie), Bernstein, cage und Schubert

27. Jan. 2019, 16Uhr 

Benefizkonzert zum internationalen Holocaust-Gedenktag

Maimonides Zentrum Wien

Simon-Wiesenthal-Gasse 5, 1020 Wien

Mit Musik von Beethoven, Strauss/Grünfeld, Bernstein, Cage, Ginastera, Schubert, sowie hebräisches Lied und freie Improvisation